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Fic: We're The Same (Sherlock)

Fic: A Good Man (Sherlock Holmes)

Some of the fics

The first one was written all the way back when Torchwood season two episode 'Meat' had just aired. I still may try and write something with this because I still want to explore the premise. Basically Susan found Rose and now both are at Torchwood. Why is Susan back? Well Romana had a back up plan during the time war, and it involves The Doctor and the love he has for his granddaughter. There is a part of the next chapter done, but it stops in a weird place so I'm not putting that up.

The Price of Gallifrey

Next was just a weird idea I had and I basically started the story and didn't complete it because I didn't know which way to go with it. It's a Joan of Arcadia fic (weird I know), and it would have been like a season 3 fic. Basically I didn't know if the bad guy from the end of season two should do something that no one would have anticipated (it was that bad) or if he should see real evil done to Joan and learn why she believes the way she does. As an agnostic writing a JOA fic is a bit like writing one for greek mythology, and I was a little worried that the way I tackled god and Joan's faith in him would seem disingenuous to you know believers. It's like... maybe 200 words (I'm not checking) so it seems long to have such a long explination for it, but so be it. I may attempt to go at it again but I'm not sure.


Soo... yeah

It's been like forever since I posted anything here, I mean other than posting comments, I could say real life blah blah blah, but who really cares?

I going to be posting some little things I've been writing up on my fic journal. None of them are complete or beta'ed, but they're little things that I might end up flushing out later. I'm going to post a link to them a little later.

I don't really know what else to post right now, just look out for the fics.


I finally finished my finals. Say that five times fast. Seriously they were kicking my ass. I had absolutely no free time, so no updates on lj.

The drive in is open and I get to go see Ironman, but I don't know if we'll stay for the second movie... Jumper. Ummm yeah... We may just turn around and watch the other second movie. I don't know if that's actually allowed, but whatever.

I had to buy a new computer, so I don't have my old editing software, but I was bored last night and made a music video with Windows Movie Maker. It's CSI, Nick centric, and it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlgofe6DRXM

Canadian war film

I don't mean to be all serious business, but I would like to say to everyone on my flist, that a new movie is coming out that I think is important. It's called Passchendaele, and it's the most expensive Canadian feature ever made. It's about Canadian troops fighting in WWI and the contributions they made. I don't want to get all preachy or anything, but as a Canadian it seems as if the USA and Britain are only talked about and that there isn't really anything out there talking about the contributions of other nations.

Under the cut, two videos, one is a more in depth explanation of what the movie"s about, and the second is a trailer.Collapse )

Here's a more in depth explanation on the movie's website:


Ingrid Newkirk looks like her soul is: evil

Ingrid Newkirk was on the Colbert Report tonight, and I really couldn't get over how evil she looks. I mean she's talking about her book, and she looks like the fucking wicked witch. Oh, and I love how she's talking about dogs able to detect cancer, when PETA is against service animals of any kind.

Of course Colbert isn't the real news, and she's there for her book and for her HBO special, but I really wanted him to ask her about the fact that even though she wants to force veganism on us all, why did PETA kill all those animals they took from the shelters (where the shelters were informed that they were going to adoption and not going to die)? She's against killing animals, but she's not against PETA killing them... Oh, and she supports groups (and people) who conduct acts of terrorism like firebombing.

Her new book is entitled: Making Kind Choices

Which would be funny if she actually understood what the word kind meant. I'm pretty sure that section of the K's was taken out of her dictionary.

I hate this in smut fics

No man is ever 'impossibly hard,' it's possible, hence the erection. He's just really freaking hard. Just say that. You can purple prose it to death, but don't say it's impossible because frankly it is.

Back to your regularly scheduled Flist...

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